ARCHANGEL AIRBORNE - 1st HUMANITARIAN SPECIAL OPERATIONS GROUP / AIR LAND SEA - EXPEDITIONARY MISSION TEAM (AA-1st HSOG/ALSET) utilizes aviation, land and sea resources to effectively insert specialty teams, advisors, critically necessary supplies and equipment into areas of great need to at-risk populations through strategic and tactical closed-loop methodology.

The term ‘Archangel’ symbolizes a higher ordered commitment to providing hope and special mission services of lifesaving care, rescue, medevac, logistical assistance, training, support to human populations globally who are at risk due to natural disaster, economic disparity, war refugee displacement and victims of terror or genocide.

‘Airborne’ details the highly effective air-mobility of the organization with capacity for all weather rapid deployment in dynamic and unstable environments.

‘1st Humanitarian Special Operations Group’ defines that this team is the first established humanitarian entity to employ the strategic and tactical model of military Special Operations detachment groups to the express mission and purpose of transformative humanitarian services to populations at risk. A civilian 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Archangel Airborne is especially committed to the active re-missioning of military veterans in recognition of their training and skill sets, which contribute to the successful execution of tactical mission objectives.  

‘Air Land and Sea’ signifies modalities of transport that Archangel Airborne utilizes to accomplish its operations. For these categories, Archangel Airborne seeks to maintain the highest level of training and safety for operators and actual transportation assets. 

‘Expeditionary Mission Team’ indicates that core mission operators and specialists/advisors may be deployed globally and are committed to a special mission of intensive humanitarian service in areas of instability, disaster and uncertainty. 



The mission of Archangel Airborne is to work intensively with populations at-risk to increase long-term stability and to provide sustainable support and to create opportunities for partnership. It is to mitigate and militate against extremism and violent conflict by compassion. By preemptively engaging inequity and economic/situational disadvantage at its roots, Archangel Airborne seeks to grow dynamic relationships that engender positive foreign relations. Members of Archangel Airborne shall be ambassadors and citizen servants of a United States of America missioned to serve the world's neediest. 

Archangel Airborne is also tasked to provide emergency response domestically in the Continental United States (CONUS) in cases of natural disaster, acts of terror or any situations where the lives of citizens are in imminent danger. In this capacity, Archangel Airborne will act in a supportive role with existing EMS, Fire, Law Enforcement, National Guard and military authorities, recognizing the Incident Command Structure and offering all available personnel and material assets as needed to assist. Archangel Airborne has established a relationship with the National Congress of American Indians to provide such support as needed to the sovereign Indian Nations within the borders of the United States of America.


Closed-Loop Methodology

This non-profit organization, merging teams of professional mission specialists with core operations personnel, travels internationally in order to assist at-risk populations with emergency response and disaster recovery, direct medical care delivery, community-based training, EMS system development and advisory/logistical support for infrastructure development. Employing a military-derived command and control model we focus on the quality and sustainability of operations through dynamic patnership and empowerment of indigenous professionals and resources. We also ensure that the local medical providers win the trust and confidence of their communities by participating in all clinic operations and immunization/vaccination clinics held by the Archangel Airborne specialty teams.

All operations are conducted with the oversight of the Archangel Airborne Mission Control Team (AA-MCT) which is normally located at the HQ in CONUS, but can also be mobile and remote. This team monitors all phases of air, land and sea operations and is prepared to launch emergency response and SAR resources in the event of any untoward event or compromise of the deployed team. In rapidly changing and highly variable areas at risk globally and domestically, the Archangel Airborne Mission Control Team is vital to the safe completion of each mission. 

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