Mission Officers In Command (AA-MOIC) and Board of Governors (AA-BOG)

The Archangel Airborne Mission Officers In Command exercise direct leadership over all mission operations. The Board of Governors provides overall strategic and operational guidance to the organization. Membership consists of seasoned professionals and leaders in their field. 

 Stuart D. Hirsch
 Operations Role: Mission Officer in Command
 Organizational Governance Role: Chair of the Board of Governors, President and CEO
 Archangel Airborne was founded in 2010 by Stuart Douglas Hirsch. Stuart's vision was to create the first humanitiarian special operations group with a highly trained and skilled team of mission operators who would be able to use modailities of air, land and sea transport to insert mission specialists and advisors into areas of great need globally. Stuart heralds from a strong family background of aviators, military service personnel, medical care and humanitarian workers. Stuart received intensive formation as a novice in the Jesuit Order that included exposure to extreme poverty in Haiti in the early 90's. Winessing the disparity of men, women and children suffering from oppression and injustice became the crucible for creating Archangel Airborne.  Stuart's core belief and philosophy is that by proactively working in global areas with populations at risk, that these efforts will mitigate the propensity to turn to violent conflict and extremism as means of escaping the burdens of poverty and social injustice. Ultimately, Stuart is tasking the team to reduce risks of conflict in the future by actively engaging situations today. He has also committed the team to emergency response domestically to the continental United States in situations of disaster or terror-related events. This commitment includes a pledge of response to the sovereign Native American nations through a commitment to the National Congress of American Indians.  
Stuart holds professional ratings as an aviator including commerical pilot and instructor pilot certifications. He has an extensive background in EMS, helicopter medevac operations and trauma services. He serves domestically in operations roles and as a consultant for Emergency Services. He is involved in emergency and disaster response as a firefighter and water rescue SCUBA diver.  He holds a dual BA and BS degree from Binghamton University and is actively developing paradigms for strategic and tactical leadership utilizing the best practice of military models applied and adapted to humanitarian service. Stuart maintains a core dedication to the recruitment and re-missioning of military veterans to the team along with highly skilled and qualified civilian personnel. 

MikeLovelace.jpg Thomas Michael Lovelace, AP, IA
 Operations Role: 1st Mission Officer In Command
 Organizational Governance Role: Executive Vice President / Chief Financial Officer
 Thomas "Mike" Lovelace began his aviation career with the United States Air Force and trained in the
 maintenance of century-series jet fighters. Mike served proudly as Crew Chief with an F-100
 Supersonic fighter squadron in Germany during the Vietnam era. Mike transitioned to work with Pan Am
 airlines and was based at JFK airport. He supervised the maintenance of the Pan Am fleet, including the massive Boeing 747. After twenty years of service with Pan Am, Mike created his own full service Fixed Base Operator Flight School and Maintenance Base: TML Aircraft (www.tml-aircraft.com). His goal was to provide a superlative experience for all people who wished to experience the dream of flight - whether they be new pilots or seasoned aircraft owners. An accomplished aviator himself, he knew well that the key to success in aviation was unswerving dedication to safe, best practice. Moving to N30 Cherry Ridge Airport in Honesdale, PA in 2003, Mike constructed a facility that encompassed his vision of a 'total' flight center. From this base, he skillfully oversees Part 135 operations as Director of Maintenance and provides expert care and inspections for all types of aircraft; from the venerable Piper Cub to Piper Comanches, Navajo Chieftains, turbine Piper Cheyennes and King Airs. As the Vice President Chief Maintenance Officer and CFO for Archangel Airborne, Mike infuses his dedication to quality, safety and stewardship to ensure that each mission is completed successfully.
Amit_Sircar.jpg  Amit Sircar, BA, MS
  Operations Role: 2nd Mission Officer In Command
  Organizational Governance Role: Vice President/Chief Operating Officer 
  Amit Sircar has a background in both medical science and aviation. His career has been in marketing and operations
  at prominent
multinational corporations; formerly including the role of Vice President of Marketing at the Aircraft
  Owners and
Pilots Association (AOPA). Prior to his corporate track, Amit attended New York University School of
  Medicine for two years and was
a certificated Emergency Medical Technician in New York. He holds a Bachelors degree in Biology from New York University and a Masters degree in Management and Policy from SUNY, Stony Brook University, with an Advanced Certificate in Health Care Management. As an aviator, Amit is able to share the message of Archangel Airborne with the public, speaking in regard to the flight operations of the team as well as compassionately presenting the human conditions and public health situations in Haiti. 
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